About Maria

Maria was born in Boston, Massachusetts and moved to California where she was raised. While in California, she earned her certification as a gem expert and took various courses in pastry-making in San Francisco. Maria decided to move to Istanbul after visiting on holiday with her husband Ron.

She has combined her education with family recipes passed on by her mother to produce the wonderful products enjoyed all throughout Istanbul today!

Her career began in her own kitchen, making cheesecakes for a friend who owned a coffee shop in Istanbul. Eventually, her friend sold her coffee shop, so Maria decided to open her own small shop in Cavusbasi where she raised her family and still lives to this day

The first "Maria's Cheesecakes” opened in 2006 with the aim of helping village women by employing them and teaching them cake preparation and basic business skills. Her plan was successful and she outgrew her small shop quickly. She began to see her need to increase production and lacked the space to do so.

In 2008, Maria moved down the street, to a much larger shop with two floors. In time, the bottom floor, which was just a dirt basement, was developed into the modern production facility she uses today. We have made certain that our production area is prepared according to the conditions that the Ministry of Health requires and that all necessary certificates have been approved. Maria enjoys extending hospitality to her customers who come from all over Istanbul and throughout Turkey to savor her delicious cakes.